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About W Patisserie

Fresh and Authentic Delights in Canberra

W Patisserie is a new unique homemade pastry business entirely dedicated to the creation of contemporary eclairs and gourmet desserts. Located in the Australian capital city Canberra, we make delicious eclairs, macarons, dessert jars, celebration cakes, and baked goods in a relaxing environment.

Tradition and Quality with Local Ingredients

We offer tastefully crafted French traditional desserts in the Australian Capital Territory. Our endeavour to bring authentic and fresh pastry experience to Canberra drives us to source the choicest of ingredients from select local producers.

W Patisserie by Kotesh Khandala

W Patisserie is the creation by Pastry Chef Kotesh. He has been practicing the art of making traditional french desserts for decades. He mixes precision and passion with creativity to make delights that are not only beautiful but also downright delicious.

After several years of working for celebrity chefs and Michelin star restaurants around the world, Kotesh decided to infuse all his experience, knowledge, and skills to start this local venture offering a unique, elegant, and tasty experience to fellow residents of Canberra.